Saturday, March 1, 2008

Life (continued)

If we look at the Miller/Urey experiment, we can ask ourselves, what was happening that produced life that was no longer happening when the production of life stopped?
What was happening was that the electric current was passing through a mixture of atoms and molecules of atoms, which is our definition of life. We, as animate matter, are made up of atoms and molecules of atoms held together by internally generated electrical currents. If the currents stop, our animate nature, our life, stops. Arguments about what was left behind in the Miller/Urey experiment are a sideshow by scientists who don’t have an explanation for the force that produces life nor a coherent definition of life. On Earth, the earth provides the atoms and molecules of atoms to form life, but where do the electric currents come from? From the Earth. These currents, which once again science has no explanation for (it’s amazing that science, which knows nothing, can say it knows everything because it’s the blind man with a measuring tape) are telluric currents.
What generates telluric currents?
(To be continued)

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