Monday, March 24, 2008

Life (continued)

These examples of how the telluric currents organize atoms and molecules of atoms around them to produce life just provide a limited example where specific atoms are available. While the atoms and molecules of atoms that form life at any point in the Telluric flows determine the type of life that forms, the abundance of possible formations is limitless. An example of life we see forming before our eyes today is found in a rock pushing up in the middle of the ocean. Rock is barren of vegetation when it first appears, but within a year or so, it’s overgrown. What caused the vegetation to explode is a combination of “A flock of them flew over that time” and “drifting seeds in the balmy winds.” Because life only had one start, and that start was an accident, the only way the vegetation could get on the island were seeds that already contained life dropped be bird feces drifting with the currents. See how science, which is superb at collecting and organizing facts, doesn’t need facts here because its preconceived notions dictate the facts absolutely. When science collects facts, it’s unparalleled. When science undertakes to explain those facts, it’s unparalleled at being wrong. It mistakes concepts, the things we use to explain facts, with facts, and as a result, as here with it’s crap in the eye conclusion, its concepts, made up, produce more made-up concepts. It didn’t take long to reach the point we’re at, a world of made-up facts supported by made-up concepts, with the engineers of our existence making breakthroughs in spite of, rather than because of, science (think of the blue laser).
The explosion of vegetation on the rock, life, is the result of both Telluric flows and the well established flows that move between the atmosphere and earth as a result of the sunrise/sunset field replacement that is continuously occurring. Let the winds in the tundra uncover a rock surface, and simple life soon appears on its face. Life is spontaneous, but because we believe that everything is traceable back to a single chance-happening, we don’t see it, or when we do, we refer to new life as mutations of old or the discovery of a previously unknown species (which presumably has been around for billions of years waiting for our eagle eye). The fact is, life is constantly coming into and going out of existence, as is the evolution of life, not the absurd species evolution, but rather the characteristic evolution that’s happening in plain view all around us, from new breeds at the dog and pony show to the giant agri companies to name two of the obvious.
(To be continued)

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