Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life (continued)

What does this echo in the universal chamber of science? There can be no forces, other than the passive forces found in nature, forces like gravity, electrical and magnetic, at work in the world. If there are no forces to affect the formation of life, then life has to form spontaneously. This is ignorant science, which ignores current force, When it comes to the question of why the planet orbits the sun, the men who hadn’t quit arguing about whether it was motionless or even orbited the sun concluded it didn’t need current force to orbit because forces put it in motion some time in the distant past and it’s just been orbiting ever since because nothing has slowed it down. The only force available to slow it down was gravity, but fortunately, when the explanation for gravity was thought up, it was concluded, because the conclusion that an historical force causes orbiting was correct, that because the planet was still orbiting, gravity didn’t slow a planet down. Here science is doing its usual, making up an answer, then using another made-up answer to prove the new made-up answer.
Another physical phenomenon where science ignores the need for current force, and actually the physical phenomenon that generates life, is planetary rotation. It’s amazing how science came to terms with the fact that the planet orbits the sun, by ignoring that it orbits the sun (needs no current force to orbit) while acknowledging it. Under the old view, the planet neither rotated nor orbited. Under the new view, it does both without the need for any force. The idea the planet doesn’t need a current force to keep it in motion is contradicted by so much physical evidence that one wonders if the gnomes of science are two short to even see over their noses. We encountered the obvious fact that the planet speeds up air that is returning to the equator, and that it takes a current force to do that. We can look at the ocean currents driven by the rotating planet and even the tides (find a scientist who can use the moon to predict the tides or better, ask a scientist if the moon predicts the tides and when he says yes, ask for the evidence. After all this, more than any other made-up answer, the moon causes them, should be demonstrable, but golly, no one's tried.). The notion that the Earth has been rotating for five billion years with no current force is so absurd, it’s universally accepted without question. Other beliefs (which is a notion with no proof) are routinely questioned, from religion to evolution, but not the magically rotating Earth!
How does the planet’s rotation produce life?
(To be continued)

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