Friday, May 2, 2008

Life (continued)

Evolution is life driven.
Let’s start with what we can call the stationary stage. Here telluric currents move back and forth, some through land, others through bubble caverns, still others through ponds. The algae, oil and lichen, to name a few of the billions of possible life forms that result, are totally dependent on the existing telluric currents. If the telluric currents stop, the life forms that came into existence and are dependent on the flows for their existence, cease to be. The atoms and molecules of atoms could also become unavailable, bringing the life forms to an end.
Life is the organization of atoms and molecules around electrical flows and during the stationary stage of evolution, the first stage, massive experimentation takes place. To what end is this experimentation directed? If the stationary stage of evolution continued, life would always be dependent on the existing electric flows. Flows stopped, life stopped. But the purpose of life, as we will clearly see, is not simply to exist, it’s to perpetuate itself and life that is dependent on in-place electric flows has no ability to perpetuate itself.
What would give life dependent on in-place flows the ability to perpetuate itself? The ability to seed and seeding is the second sage of evolution. Seeding allows life that’s in-place to cast itself to the wind. Thus, even if the electric flows stop and the in-place life ceases to exist, it will live on elsewhere.
We can start to see that the purpose of life is life’s perpetuation. Evolution is not directionless. It is not purposeless. From the first turn of the Earth, a physical process of the solar system that will produce life, life was on the horizon, and not just life, life that will fight to preserve itself, not species, but preserve life itself.
(To be continued)

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