Friday, June 13, 2008

The Mind (continued)

Let me emphasize this fact: the reality we live in is made up of physical points that are its dimensions. If we’re looking at a ruler, each point is marked, but there are billions, an uncountable number of points. These are the dimensions of reality and they exist outside the mind,
Before we can construct a picture of reality, those points, the dimensions of reality have to move from outside our minds (objective) to inside our minds (subjective). External reality is objective and real, and we are somehow constructed so that we can reproduce that external reality within our skulls. This fact leads to three questions empirical science has never bothered to address. The first question is, what is happening in physical reality between the objects that make up that reality and our eyes that allow our eyes to obtain the dimensions of physical reality? The second question is, how is that information transported up the optic nerve?
The third question is, how do we reconstruct the information in our skulls so that we have an accurate representation of objective external reality?
(To be continued)

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