Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Weather (continued)

Weather prediction, once the morning after joke, was wrapped in a cloak of scientific certainty when the only thing that changed during the sixties and seventies was the accuracy derived from being able to more accurately track a weather’s progress as it moved beneath satellites across the countryside. In return, science got a guarantee from the newly minted field of meteorology that it would ignore the obvious, that the weather affected acutely the rotation of the planet and therefore the planet needed a source of motion to keep it rotating. This obvious reality, the circulating atmosphere, its slowing down and speeding up, had to be left out of the billion dollar models of the weather meteorologists produce, and in their place, a nonexistent force plugged in to screw up the entire process. That’s on top of the major problem, that because it is not in the public eye, empirical science hasn’t had to make up a fiction about how heat is transported in the atmosphere, probably as important, if not more important, than the friction of the Earth with the atmosphere.
Why can’t the Earth’s atmosphere affect the rotation of the atmosphere? Because some 4.6 billion years ago, give or take a few hundred million years, shockwaves from adjacent supernovas disturbed the molecular cloud that would become the solar system (notice how nothing in this statement tells us anything about anything). Fortunately, the area of this pre-solar nebula was approximately the same as the area of the solar system, and, as it turned out, the “mass” and composition of the pre-solar nebula, praise the Lord, was approximately the same as the “mass” and composition of the solar system it would turn into.
Note how science is thinking backward. We know what the solar system is, so we can make up a bunch of gobbledygook explaining how it got that way, then use how it is to justify the gobbledygook. I might be accused of doing the same thing, but I ask the question, what are the current forces that would produce the current solar system we measure. Science, however, stops in its tracks, and puts all questions of future motion into the concept of the angular momentum. What exactly is this concept, and I emphasize the word concept? Why, it’s Newton’s made up law that an object in motion will stay in motion unless a force acts on that object to change the motion, only placed as the motive force for solar system.
That’s why it all comes back to Newton and his bogus Celestial Mechanics. Any Rocketeers who follow Newtonian mechanics won’t have their rockets last long enough to rush in one of the indispensable course correction teams that make space travel possible in spite of Newton. We’ll dissect Newton with all his warts in a later chapter, but for now I’ll note that Newton had no problem with force because for him all force was sourced in one place, God, a fact that science acknowledges in practice by putting all questions of current force in the solar system off limits with its mumbo jumbo while failing to point out that the theory that mumbo jumbo is based on, and again I stress that word theory, based itself on God.
(To be continued)

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