Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Weather

Who would expect the ultimate admission that science is nothing but a bunch of consensual bull then in its treatment and ultimate acceptance of the “science” of weather?
Weather is not a science, never has been and never will be, yet science treats it as a science. Oh sure, forecasting weather patterns has become more accurate with satellite tracking, but that’s all it is, more accurate tracking of existing weather, not, shudder, forecasting, something that to science is akin to the robed arm pointing to the heavens and citing incantations.
Weather became a science, the science of meteorology, only after science prostituted itself at the throne of Newton. In return for recognition as a science, weather agreed to go along with science’s absurd insistence that the spinning planet has no effect on weather, an offshoot of Newton’s explanation for the tides, that they merely waxed and waned in response to the movements of the moon and sun. The rotation of the planet could not be affected by the weather, although we’ll clearly see it is, because if weather affected the rotation, it would have long since slowed the planet to a halt.
In short, science is too lazy to look for the actual cause of rotation, and will do anything to avoid reality.
(To be continued)

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