Saturday, November 17, 2007

Field Replacement (continued)

The same effect occurs when we leave frozen food in the freezer too long, only it’s called freezer burn, and with good reason, because too much cold for too long a period of time literally sucks the electrons out of the surface of things. This is the same process that occurs when we put a match too close to our skin. To see the analogy, all we have to do is examine pictures of frostbite victims. The flesh is actually in a burnt condition, and requires burn treatment to heal (if the appendage doesn’t just fall off). This effect, where field replacement produces both the sensations we feel when we are burnt or freezing is a part of popular understanding, even among children. I refer to the trick where the subject is told he is going to receive a sever burn on the back. When he takes his shirt off, the trickster prepares a heated knife or merely strikes a match, then applies an ice cube to the back. The subject actually feels like he’s been burnt.
While field replacement has a part in water boiling, the steam from the evaporating water has to be distinguished from the process where water is field replaced that occurs at the equator, or for that matter, in any body of water sitting under hot sunlight.
(To be continued)

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